5 Top Reasons to Get Sober from Home

Thinking of getting sober from home?

Now might be the time to do so.

In today’s strange world many people are finding themselves locked down inside their own homes dealing with alcohol or drug problems. If you are one of those people, then now is the perfect time to get sober.

This lockdown has caused many people to come face to face with their addiction. According to recent reports, alcohol consumption is up across the world during this pandemic and that’s not a good thing. Alcohol actually makes your immune system work harder – not something you want right now.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should get sober from home but here are our top 5 reasons (in no particular order!):

1. Better physical health

One thing you can immediately benefit from is better physical health when you stop drinking. Alcohol severely affects many parts of your body and health and the moment you give it up, your body can start to repair itself. Be warned though, you can’t just quit cold turkey.

2. More money in the bank

How much money do you spend on your alcohol problem? The chances are pretty good that it is quite a substantial amount. Depending on the severity of your drinking and how much you drink per day, it could add up to a large amount. Imagine if you had saved all that money in the bank – you’d be sitting pretty right now!

3. Happier mental health

There are so many positive outcomes from getting sober but better mental health has got to make it in the top 5. Many people report that depression, anxiety and stress levels decrease significantly once they get sober. This makes total sense because alcohol negatively affects your mental state. Once the alcohol is gone? You’re going to be feeling much better.

4. Extra time in the day

It always blows people away once they begin to think about how much time they spend on their addiction. Not only does the time include how much spent drinking but also think about the hangovers and lost time you have in life. Drinking zaps so much of people’s free time that it is often a revelation when they stop how much more that they can get done!

5. Cheaper and more effective than going to rehab

Yep. The average cost of rehab is about $30,000 and most of the time it isn’t fully covered by insurance! Getting sober from home is basically free (although we did write a book on this subject we recommend you get called The Sobriety Success Method) as long as you follow a solid plan and approach. Inpatient rehab is also not very effective and relapse rates are through the roof. You’re much better off doing this on your own with a support group around you (we also have that too) that you can interact with from home.

There are more than just 5 top reasons to get sober from home but these are just the ones we think are the best.

So, what do you think? Did we nail them?

Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below ????

Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts
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