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The Ultimate Addiction and Recovery Plan

Kick your alcohol addiction from home.
Say goodbye to expensive rehab and obtain a full recovery.

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Are you ready to get sober from home?


This Ultimate Addiction and Recovery course will teach you how to kick your addiction without having to go to leave your family, friends, pets, or work.

The Sobriety Success Method works as hundreds of Live Rehab students have been able to successfully obtain a recovery. In today’s busy world, it’s becoming harder and harder to kick an addiction when it’s often implied the only way to do so is to check into an in patient or outpatient program. Unlike the Sobriety Success Method, these programs do not tailor to the individual needs and certainly don’t offer a holistic approach that addressed the physical body, psychological impact, social relationships and addiction specific concepts. This is why the Sobriety Success Method works, you don’t have to worry about letting people down or putting your own dreams and aspirations to the side just because you’re trying to overcome an addiction. Instead, you get to work the program from home and will be given the tools you need to address situations that will come about throughout your recovery.

This course begins by talking about the stages of change so that you know exactly where you are in your recovery. You will then take inventory and you will be on your way to work through each section.

Once you kick your addiction you will:

  • Gain productivity 

  • Reduce mental health struggles (depression, anxiety, etc.)

  • Feel less shame and embarrassment

  • Gain better, real life relationships with those who mean the most to you

This course might be the most significant investment you will ever make and it won’t break the bank! The Sobriety Success Method provides the foundation you will need to succeed. With over 3 hours of lectures, additional podcasts and assignments, you will find this courage to be engaging. motivated and will provide you with all the tools and techniques you will need not only for today and working through your addiction but for the rest of your life. This one time fee will be worth every penny and every ounce of your time and on top of that you will get lifetime access so if you ever need to come back to revisit a certain lecture, you will have this all at your fingertips.

If you are motivated and intend to break your addiction, then you are in the right place. This course will walk you through every step, from before detox all the way through to achieving a full recovery. You will learn how to implement physical components such as good nutrition, fitness and sleep as well as psychological components including your mental health, spirituality and how to live intentionally. The social aspect of recovery will be discussed from family, friends and professional relationships and you will also learn how to detox, set a quit date and manage your triggers.

Once enrolled, you will have lifetime access, ongoing instructor support via the Q&A and monthly email tips. You will also be given the option to join our closed Facebook group.

You don’t have to do this alone but you can do this from the comfort of home.

Q: Is this course only for people who struggle with addiction?

A: While this course was primarily written for people who struggle with addiction other people can benefit from taking this course such as family members who are worried about a love one or substance abuse counselors who want more knowledge and insight on addiction and recovery

Q: How is it possible to recover from an addiction online? Don’t I need a 12-step program or in-patient rehab?

A: 12 step programs are outdated and their success rates are shockingly low. Not everyone is cut out for rehab and can just leave their family, friends, kids, pets, work, school, etc. The material in this course will give you the tools you need to be successful in fighting an addiction, however, you will need to find the motivation within so you can apply the concepts you will learn.

The fact that you’re here today shows how much courage and strength you have. Getting started can often be the hardest part.

This course includes a series of assignments, quizzes, downloadable resources, external links to certain topics related to addiction and recovery and also links to 12 podcasts. 

Upon completing the final lecture, you will receive a certificate of completion.

I look forward to seeing your progress and again, if you have any questions before enrolling please let me know. I’m always happy to help.

Who this course is for:
  • My target students are those who want to kick their addictions from home; students who are ready and motivated to work through the hard stuff and are able to dedicate their time to heal their physical body and mind as well as work on repairing relationships and understanding addiction specific topics such as detox, triggers, etc.
  • Online recovery is gaining traction and very popular as it is a way for you to work through your own recovery at your own pace without having to give up work, school, family, pets, etc.
  • Understanding addiction is important but what makes this course so unique is that it is action based so you will get very specific items to work on throughout your journey.
  • If you are considering a treatment program, this course could benefit you immediately and save you thousands of dollars down the road by not having to attend expensive rehabs that require you to quit your work or school.
  • Community is important so you will be able to engage via the Q&A and if comfortable, join our closed Facebook group.
  • Addiction can affect anyone; teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, construction workers, computer programers, flight attendants, etc.
  • Many professionals who are looking to get into social work that focuses on chemical dependency, addiction or substance abuse would also benefit from taking this course.
  • Students who want to take charge of their physical health in addition to quitting drugs, alcohol or addictive behaviors will do well in this course.
  • Treating your mental health at the same time as your addiction is highly encouraged to prevent triggers and relapse.
  • Family, friends and professional relationships are important in recovery. Students who are willing to work hard at keeping good relationships close and toxic relationships distant will do well in this course.

What you'll learn

You will learn why setting a quit date is important. We’ll talk about why setting a quit date is important, what things to think about when setting a quit date, what to do before your quit date, what to do on your quit date and then why you should celebrate your quit date.

You will learn about the stages of change and where you fall within the model. This model was created to show how individuals progressed through sobriety. Since you are here today I suspect you are somewhere between preparation and maintenance. It’s important for you to see where you started and where you can end when you follow a plan and stick to it.

  • You will learn how important nutrition is when fighting an addiction. You will learn how to find a plan that works for you, how to organize your meals, grocery shop and how small improvements each week can make a huge impact on your recovery.

Being fit in recovery is not about getting six-pack abs or becoming a muscle head. Instead it’s about understanding the role your physical activities play on getting or staying sober.

Sleep is critical in recovery and we’re going to teach you exactly how to get better quality sleep. This means improving the time you’re in sleep and how much is healthy overall.

Is your family helping or hindering your chances of success? We’ll dive into exactly what you need to do with specific family members as well as how to cultivate better relationships rather than toxic ones.

Understanding what kind of friendships are beneficial to your progress takes time and effort. We’ll give you a framework to evaluate who you should keep around in your life and who you should be kicking to the curb.

We spend most of our lives at work so how can we make sure we maintain sobriety during this time? We’ve put together what you need to do to ensure you protect your new sober life.

Sometimes you’re dealing with more than just an alcohol addiction. When this happens you need to be treating any other disorders to be successful in sobriety. We’ll show you how to work on both areas of your life.

People often get confused about spirituality and religion. You don’t need to be religious to get sober and, in fact, getting in touch with your spiritual nature can do wonders for your chances of success. Namaste.

We love helping people to live an intentional life because it helps give you purpose and goals for the future. A good goal setting formula is key to achieving incredible success in life.

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